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  • Harvest...

    Majestic looking vegetable, much favoured by the Welsh! A must try, for serious veg gardeners.

    Quick facts..

    Site Full Sun
    Expected yield 450g per plant
    Sow spacing 25mm
    Rows 300mm apart
  • Harvest...

    She's ugly but I love her! Related to celery but much less effort to grow. Posh restaurants mash it and then charge a fortune for it!

    Quick facts..

    Site Full Sun
    Expected yield 1100g per plant
    Sow spacing 10mm
    Rows 400mm apart
  • Harvest...

    Eaten fresh, spinach is a highly nutritious vegetable. Quick and easy to grow your own.

    Quick facts..

    Site Full Sun
    Expected yield 250g per plant
    Sow spacing 75mm
    Rows 400mm apart

Selected recent VegDork patch updates

Entirely late, but what a year so far!

Have been coping with poor physical health chez nous and so computer updates have gone completely to the wayside. However, where there is a will....Grace and Mark have both been heroic. Wonderful courgettes already, plus black currants, raspberries, Basil by the ton and glorious strawberries. These and purple basil are revelation.

So far...

We moved in at the end of last year, and I started making an "allotment" area in the corner of my garden. It's the first time I've lived in a house with a garden - so it's all experimenting and learning right now. So far, I've got a greenhouse full of tomatoes (if they all have baby toms, Lord knows what I'll do with them), aubergines, cucumbers and peppers. Outside, I've got onions, shallots, garlic, chard, parsnips, carrots, courgettes, squashes and spuds. I've made wigwams for butter beans, runner beans, mange tout, peas and sweet peas - and I have some sweet corn to plant out this weekend. There's also an area I want to turn into a herb garden. I've grown loads of herbs to go in it - and now I just need to get cracking and make the plot to put them in.

Avalanche of Tumbling Toms

Note to self - one Tumbling Tom tomato plant will supply more than enough cherry tomatoes. Grew two Tumbling Toms this year in the corners of one end of my raised bed. Enormous plants with literally hundreds of cherry tomatoes, no idea what I'm going to do with them all, will probably give a lot away. Seems such a waste to just blitz them into a sauce and will probably be lynched for saying it but think the canned plum varieties are best for sauces! The photo is just the ripe toms from my two plants picked at the weekend - still plenty more to come!

i'm back at last after probs with password etf

Brilliant cabbages onions, shallots and garlic Had two small patches of spuds, one maris piper other rooster, maris piper blighted haulms but tubers ok although a bit small Beetroot Bolthardy just about ready. Sowed carrotts Early Nantes in buckets of shop bought compost as an experiment with fabulous results. First pickings a bit small but remainder getting bigger. Will definitely do the same next year.

Clever Composting - Tips & Tricks For Making Black Gold

Here's a pic of our free eBook available from our website: www.composteverything.com

Thrilled with our drills

Now that we are on top of the weeding (just) it's been possible to add some seeds in prepared compost drills. Previously we tried sowing some carrot seeds directly into a prepared seed bed but I think we did this too early and most didn't germinate because of the cold. As you can see from the attached I have created four lines and filled with some cheap compost - I then planted some beetroot, carrot and leek seeds and have covered with a fine layer of compost. The only problem is now that compost dries out quicker than soil so nightly trips to keep everything watered are proving a necessity! Also the beans which we thought were dead have miraculously come back to life - we decided to try planting the "less dead" looking ones and they have healed themselves! Perhaps our plot is on a ley line or there are Veg Druids (good name for a sister Vegdork website?) at work. Either way our beans look like they might do something and then onions continue to fatten up also. The potatoes are also going well and have been earthed up - we have also planted more chitted seed potatoes so that we spread our crop over a few more weeks. We are now entering a few hot weeks (according to Carol on BBC Weather) so I expect to be transporting lots more water to the plot using our two 40 Litre Aqua Rolls. Thankfully someone on our site has just bought an electric water pump (powered by a car battery) so hopefully we won't have to keep imitating the keg-lift on Britains Strongest Man every time we need to empty the AquaRoll into the water butt! All in all it's going well and our first couple of months as "Allotmenteers" has been rewarding despite the amount of hard work. We also welcome the return of our plot neighbours so we don't need to worry about keeping their weeds under control any more!

Last one I promise...

The Greenhouse, plastic of course xx

First asparagus of the year

2 plots and a new garden. Lots of digging

The grassy bit

Hard work ahead

My plot

Lots of changes

My experimental windowsill garden

Thought I would bring some of the seedlings inside as the temperature has dropped today. Lets see how these fare inside...

New veg plot

recently dug out before wall being built to retain soil in raised beds for veg.