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I would advise you to go to on your computer browser and buy the book VEGETABLE GROWING MONTH BY MONTH by John Harrison for £5.99p you get the book, free p&p +£10 worth of free seeds this is a bargain. I have had an allotment for 6 years and still find the book as useful to me now as it was when first purchased 6 years ago.
Hi just got my first allotment just a small one to start with a 2.5 pole. Not able to do much due to snow.
I've only had my Allotment for 2 years and my best advice is dont rush into things, firstly only grow what you eat i know this sounds as if everyone should do this but believe my there are those on our site that grow rows and rows of veg that not only dislike, but never try them! and my second advice is well prepare 1 bit of ground at a time get it right plant it and move on. Start with first early potatoes, these go in in March and are ready by mid June you can follow on with french beans , very easy to grow and are ready in 10 to 12 weeks then follow on with autumn planting Garlic and onion sets. If you have the time now, start a runnerbean trench, however long you want it by 2ft wide dig out 1 spit deap and fork bottom of trench add lots of organic stuff,including shredded paper + (manure or compost) then top fill with soil. 4 weeks before you sow runners dig over site top dress with B.F.B and cover with black plastic to heat up soil,then follow the instructions on packet. good choice for beginer are Lady DI. good old fashioned flavor.
we have just got an allotment and have alot to learn cant wait!!!!
Hi baggy, I also know nothing!! this will be the first time of planting for me so any ideas tips etc would be appreciated
hi baggy, we were all born knowing nothing! i'd suggest you go for some quick growers like radish and runner beans to start off with, and maybe beetroot and spinach as they are fairly reliable. if you have room for a couple of courgette plants they should reward you with a decent harvest. make sure you let us all know how it goes.
Learn to grow veg here on vegdork! Why not try to grow a little of what you like to begin with. Sounds like you've got a nice spot in front of your shed.

Growing some veg in pots is easy enough and means that you don't have to clear your whole patch of weeds.

Get some seed put it in the soil, water every now and then and see how you get on. Let us know what you are thinking of growing and I'm sure you'll get plenty of advice.

I have a garden 150ft by 20ft, the far end is shaded by an oak, I have a patch in front of a shed 20ft by 8ft where I could attempt to grow veg, It gets sun almost all day. the rest of the grden is gras so I could use some of that.