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We're having a local carpenter make a prototype for our new wooden compost bin design. He recommended hardwood rather than treated timbers. We know there's going to be a cost implication, but at least it will be durable.

We'll keep you updated...
hi budgie, have you got wood yet?
Thanks Jacky, I will use some nice thick planks of untreated wood and see how long it lasts.
Dear Budgie,
yes, resign yourself! Try scrounging wood, eg skips/found pallets rather than buying. Nearly all wood on my veg patrch over last 18 years found.
Asking builders nicely when they are working on a house or site. My first greenhouse, wood with upvc, was made from synagogue roof timbers scrounged in exactly this way. I reckon that's why it grew such good stuff!
Also, to cheer you up, when you move the compost bin, it has the most fantastic soil underneath!