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Patch updates and photos


New email new season!

Vernal equinox has hit! I am changing everything!!!
My email has changed to j_mortimer10@sky.com...
This has caused all kinds of fallout...
Or should that be springout?
First of all, some very haphazard sowing. Pretty much any seed I could find! That means many old faithful so such as Gardeners Delight, Sungold etc, but also packets given to the children's gardening club by Theo from the allotment shop such as Beefmaster, sweet million, cress etc.
As usual sowing with the vernal flow has resulted in immediate and full germination.
I will post a bit about the kid's club soon as it might be useful to others of you. As our Chair said 'get the next generation of allotmenteers now!'
The plot has got a bit weedy in some of the flowerpots,but is in quite good order. If the weather is with us on Friday, we ought to be able to put in our sweet pea modules.
Most exciting of all is a new product I am trying, Bioroll, so I will take a photo of scruffy plot, so you can see what I am talking about. Also the potatoes, with good chits.
Also my new trendy cloche, my sister gave me. Thanks F!

Fresh from steroid treatment

The wonders of allotment therapy continue! After a very ropey patch, (unable to feed self- grim) and being in the nhs' care, (God bless those nurses!) amazing recovery! It is like my fuschia springing into life this spring...covered in blooms. Fab crops of courgette, beans, toms, cukes and basil, Iranian thyme and other herbs. chillis a bit late. New neighbour, Anita is getting on with it- encouraging. Will try to get photo- impressive.

Entirely late, but what a year so far!

Entirely late, but what a year so far!
Have been coping with poor physical health chez nous and so computer updates have gone completely to the wayside. However, where there is a will....Grace and Mark have both been heroic. Wonderful courgettes already, plus black currants, raspberries, Basil by the ton and glorious strawberries. These and purple basil are revelation.

Vernal Equinox

Fantastic to return from States and be back for sowing Toms in time for this! Both toms and chillis all in. Hurrah!

Happy New Veg!

Not too much to see on the plots, but fab new books - '50 ways to kill a slug!' 'A view of Kew' and 'What plants know' to read up on things. Also a Special Basil growing Kit- great!
Still several butternuts left and frozen Tom and courgs to use- delicious!

Roasted chestnuts!!

Roasted chestnuts!!
we have missed the roasting, but have a flowering Bilbergia which is amazing.
It is a strange tropical plant. I usually get one spike of bloom- this year it is 3!

Bonfire Glory!

Even later than I thought, the weather continues so mild that we went to Pedro's Bonfire on the allotments. What a splendid magnificent Bonfire it was! So big we were able to roast jacket potatoes in the embers on the following day. Pedro held a board in front of the blaze so I could get right in the action, sitting under a shower of fiery sparks. Burning ashes and glowing fragments of lit rosemary floated in a gorgeous fragrant cloud. Amidst the smoke, a perfect cream moon hung illuminating the most perfect firework display. First, the proper Council co-ordinated rockets, then nearby plotholders with extremely deep pockets and lastly Pedro's small fountains and Vesuvius, up close and contravening every Health & Safety law! The very light breeze carried the blazes right over us as we celebrated in the shelter of his towering Rosemary hedge. Jane had made a brilliant Salsa and Butternut soup to wash down our chilli crisps and beer- here's to a Fabulous Year and Harvest and God Bless next year too!


Last of the Season


Here are the photos

Veg pics at last!

Really clearing up nicely now- all toms and squash taken in. good oriental leaves still growing well in the greenhouse. Finally some pics.

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