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Bad Weather

Is everyone else suffering from this bad weather, last months we had the snow, wind and rain then we had a couple of really nice days last week (was thinking there was finally a break from it all) but now its back to cold winds and rain. I still haven't been able to get my new greenhouse put up because I cannot manage to do it on my own, my daughter was sposed to be helping me but as soon as we had the couple of days sunshine she was off doing other things, its getting really frustrating not being able to get it put up, I have got a small 3ft/3ft square cloche greenhouse but can fit everything in there. The 6ft/4ft plastic greenhouse got taken down in ready for the new one to be put but alas I am still waiting...

Finally been able to make a start

I have made a start on cleaning up my yard after having my new kitchen done and workmen leaving it in an absolute mess, Couldn't start any sooner because of the darned snow and it being just too cold to be out there.. On Sunday just gone I took down the plastic 6ft/4ft greenhouse ready to be taken to my daughters allotment, and been moving pots around to clean up, the base for my new greenhouse is ready so in the next couple of weeks I am hoping to get the new 8ft/6ft Aluminium greenhouse up. I have already got lots of seeds planted indoors, veg's, flowers and herbs. I've still got lots to do yet but getting there slowly :)

Last Years planting

Last Years planting
This picture is from last year not long after I planted things, I was quite pleased as it was the first time I had planted so many veg's, the year before I only planted tomato's and peppers and lived at a different house with a shared back yard, now I have a back yard of my own :) I have a new greenhouse (but can't finish the base for it until weather improves) and I am going to build a raised bed from bricks and make a frame to put on top to use it as a cold-frame

Making a start

I put some compost on top of the soil patch I have in my back yard about a month ago, and yesterday I added some manure and dug it in best I could then added a bit more compost, then I covered it with cardboard to get it ready for spring :) I also intend to build a raised bed with bricks soon and I will be using wood to make a frame to go on the top to use it like a cold frame for bad weather. We had lots of rain up north in Lancashire, where I am last year so I am going to try and prepare things better this year :)

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