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This year I'm gonna grow...

This year I'm gonna grow...
Barbabietola di Chioggia beetroot among lots of weird and wonderful varieties, purple haze carrots, black Russian tomatoes, sun stripe courgettes. I can't wait to get started, just a few more weeks and I'm going to order my seeds. I'll make sure I post some pics here.

Swede success...of sorts

Pulled up a swede for a stew at the weekend, didn't look quite like you get from the supermarket, in fact it looked pretty ugly. Had feared it might be a bit woody but no, it was lovely even if I do say so myself.

Thats it now - all harvested, had meant to plant some winter onions and garlic but never actually got round to it, perhaps its not too late. Already looking forward to next season, inspired by the success of this year. Will definitely keep a diary here, so follow me if your interested in how I get on in my second year.

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