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Spring is here

Winter is finally over. The greenhouse has been repaired, potting shed got new staging. The only thing left to do is start sowing, which I started on Sunday 23rd March. Carrot and parsnips in buckets, Toms (Hildaire and Harzfeur [ from LIDL]), cabbage (Hispi), Sprouts, Cauli all year round and beetroot Boltardy. Spuds are chitting. Next weekend it's Broccoli, swede, and anything else I've forgot. Plus since I now have a generator and electric rotovator I'll be turning at least two beds over in readiness.
I think it's a bit too early yet for the salad stuff yet. Does anyone agree/disagree??

i'm back at last after probs with password etf

i'm back at last after probs with password etf
Brilliant cabbages onions, shallots and garlic
Had two small patches of spuds,
one maris piper other rooster, maris piper blighted haulms but tubers ok although a bit small
Beetroot Bolthardy just about ready. Sowed carrotts Early Nantes in buckets of shop bought compost as an experiment with fabulous results.
First pickings a bit small but remainder getting bigger. Will definitely do the same next year.

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