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Just launched in 2012, VegDork aims to provide the most comprehensive resource for those who grow their own vegetables, fruit and herbs. Joining the VegDork community is a great way to share the fun and satisfaction of growing your own produce. We hope you like our web site, please contact us if there is anything you would particularly like to see added to the site. See also our FAQ's for additional information.

Vegetable Articles

Use the search on the home page if you’re looking for a particular veg.

Find information on vegetables by using the filter tool on the main vegetables page or just browse alphabetically. The vegetable articles are clear, concise and contain all the information you need to grow from seed as well as some interesting and fun facts.

Growing your own vegetables
Growing your own vegetables


Use the schedule to see what you can be doing each month of the year in your particular location.

Plan what to grow on your vegetable patch, add vegetable varieties and get reminders to sow and plant.


Swap your surplus veg, seeds, preserves etc with other vegdorks in your vicinity. Find local restaurants, pubs etc that may take your fresh produce in exchange for a discount.

Growing your own vegetables