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More Beetroot varieties

Barbabietola di Chioggia

Barabietola di Chioggia or just Chioggia as it is sometimes known is an Italian globe rooted heirloom variety. This variety is grown as a novelty rather than for its flavour. The concentric circles of dark pink & white flesh are striking and quite unique, though people are often disapointed to discover the flesh reverts to white when cooked! Slice on a mandolin and eat raw. Because of its appearence when sliced this variety is sometimes known as bullseye. Young leaves can be eaten raw in salads or cooked as leaf beet.


Probably the most popular globe Beetroot variety. As its name suggests, it has been bred to be bolt resistant. It is also suitable for earlier sowing. Deep red sweet roots that can also be eaten as baby beets. Young leaves can also be added to salads. Stores well.

Detroit Globe

First introduced in the late 19th century, this globe-rooted variety is still very popular today. A reliable all round performer that is favoured by exhibitors due to its large uniform shaped roots. Smooth skinned, deep red roots with excellent texture and flavour, this variety is as good for eating as it for showing. Harvest this variety when roots are the size of tennis ball. Stores well