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More Courgette varieties


A very heavy and early cropper, defender yields are nearly twice that of other courgette varities. Courgettes are dense, mid-green and solid and have a noticably good flavour. The plants will produce courgettes over a long period of time especially if harvested regularly when courgettes are small. The open habit of this variety enables easy access to fruits. Bred to be resistant to Cucumber Mosaic virus, defender is one of the most reliable varieties of courgette.


The uniformly shaped yellow fruits of the sunstripe variety have white stripes running length ways. This variety should not just be considered for its novel appearence, the flavour and texture are both great too. The plants are bushy and have an open habit making it easy to spot and pick the fruits. The leaves of the plant also have yellow markings and the stems are spineless so no scratches when picking. Regular harvesting of a single plant will yield in excess of 20 courgettes.