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More Cucumber varieties


Popular as a pickling cucumber, Agnes can also been let to grow larger for use in salads and sandwiches. Its a Parthenocarpic variety meaning the fruit will set without pollination, effortlessly giving you plenty of fruits over the whole growing season even after the weather cools. Agnes cucumber plants are best grown up a vine or trellis. Pick the sweet and crunchy fruits for pickling when they reach between 7cm and 12cm in length, rub off the small spines on the skin with your hand. Good resistance to powdery and downy mildew, scab and cucumber mosaic virus.

Burpless Tasty Green

This variety can be grown outdoors in most locations, it produces an abundance of tender skinned cucumbers up to 30cm long. Burpless tasty green is an easy variety to grow, there is no need to remove mail flowers and they can either be left to trail or grown with some support. This variety has been bred to be resistent to mildew. The fruits have no bitterness and are easily digestable.


Diva or 'Le Diva' produces spineless, burpless, smooth glossy skinned fruit, a very hansome variety indeed. Not just a pretty fruit but also sweet and tasty and the skin is very tender so absolutely no need to peel. Grow on a vine or trellis for nice straight fruits either under glass or outdoors. Plants are parthenocarpic meaning the fruit will set without pollination and gynoecious which means all female (only females produce fruit). Being all female it is best to remove the male flowers, identified as not having the beginings of a small fruit immediately behind the flower. Harvest the fruits when they reach 15cm to 20cm in length and eat as soon after picking as possible. Resistant to powdery and downy mildew, scab and cucumber mosaic virus.


Telegraph cucumbers produce long and thin fruits, measuring on average 30-35cm and are dark green in colour, left on the plant they can grow to 45cm. Their skin has shallow grooves running lengthways and easily digestable. This is a greenhouse variety in most temperate climates. Openly pollinated - meaning this variety will set fruit without pollination. Remove male flowers, this will prevent the cucumbers tasting bitter, male flowers are those that have thin straight stems that won't swell to become fruit, female flowers have the tiny beginings of a cucumber behind them. Train plants vertically up canes or trellis, plants can grow well over 2 meters tall. Note this is the variety most often bought from supermarkets, individually wrapped in plastic to prevent damage to the soft skin.