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Sow outside
Showing schedule for Southern England in United Kingdom

Soil facts and preparation

Quick facts..

  • Soil Type Fertile and Well Drained
  • Ideal Ph range 6.0 to 7.5
  • Site Full Sun
Well drained soil high in organic matter is preferable. Dig in plenty of well rotted manure or compost a few weeks before sowing. Note Peas do not like compacted soil, aside from that peas are not too fussy.

Avoid planting peas where they have been planted in the past 3 years. The site for your pea plants can be in full sun or partial shade. Best yields are obtained from sites in full sun.

Sowing and planting

Quick facts..

  • Germination 9 to 13 days
  • Sow 50mm deep
  • Sow Spacing 100mm
  • Rows 300mm apart
Peas can be sown in trenches or rows, check the back of your seed packet for the correct approach for your chosen variety.

Create a trench 5cm deep and 25cm wide with a hoe. Water the base of the trench before sowing. Arrange the peas so that there is approx 7cm between them in any direction and then back fill the trench with soil or compost.

Taller varieties are better in rows, again sow 5cm deep and 7cm apart with 30cm between rows.

Sow at 2 week intervals for a regular supply of fresh peas.

Growing a bumper crop

When the pea plants get to between 8cm and 10cm provide support either with trellis, netting or by steaking.

Keep soil moist at all times but avoid over watering particularly when flowering as this can effect pollination and therefore yield

Harvesting the fruits of your labour

Quick facts..

  • Yield 690g per plant
Pick the pea pods regularly. Pods at the bottom of the plant will mature first. While peas can be frozen, dried, split etc. - you are probably best to just eat the peas you have grown yourself fresh from the plant.

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